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Language Equip yourself to interact with a wide community. Learn to write and speak the English language as well as the ways of the Englishman.
Traditions Our ways, beliefs and principles that make us a society or people together. We are what we do repeatedly
Culture Who we are. Our behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols
Learning Access all learning materials that are suitable for various ages and levels of education.
Technology Where ideas to make useful things are born and bred. Innovation makes the world go round.
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About us We are a passionate organisation that is playing a major role in the creation, warehousing and dissemination of content for local and international consumption.
Examinations How much do you know? Take an online evaluation and get your instant results. The question bank never goes bankrupt.
Excellence The digital universe is upon us. We need computing skills to survive. This is a supporting hand we give to ICT learners, to spur them to work hard.
Kidsnet Knowledge that keeps the young and those who are young at heart purposefully occupied.
Roadmaster Taming the traffic jungle is a responsibility of all road users. Learn how to best use the roads. This could save your life and those of others.
Careers You become what the environment leads you to be. See the many options you can do with your life. You live only once, so make the best out of it.